Over 80 Camo patterns to choose from in addition to: Carbon fiber, Woodgrains, Illusion, Custom colors, Metallics, Laser engraving, Custom decals, personalization, etc. Let your imagination run wild!


Current News (July 2018)

We have moved to a new location as our previous building was for sale as was our business.  We did have a buyer, but as sometime happens, the sale fell through.  We have re-evaluated our current situation and instead of letting NWH fade away, after years of blood, sweat and tears, we have decided to keep the company running from our private shop.   We have also decided to let our FFL license go and only focus on items not registered with the ATF.  This only means we will NOT be coating any serial numbered receivers or actions of any firearms.  What we want to focus on is Gun stocks, shotgun stocks, archery equipment and AR stock sets.

We will be doing every job by hand, in a totally custom environment and not in a production status like we have in the past.  All customers will be required to get in touch with us prior to discuss their project.  Scott will personally send the customer a form to send in with their project.  Once the item is received, it will be coated and returned.   The timeline for this will be much shorter than you have ever seen from us, as we will be controlling the flow.  In the past, we never know what was on it’s way to our facility until it arrived.  The problem with this is we were alway guessing on our turnaround times and they varied a lot, which our customers did not like.  With our new service, we will be selecting jobs and we will know what is coming and have a timeline prior to the arrival of the item.

All items will be done ONE at a time, from start to finish.  Your item will be the center of our business when it is here.  

That being said, some pricing changes will happen.  This is to reflect that we will only be using our very own Armour Hide Protective clear coating on every job.  This used to be an additional charge and we will not be incorporating it into our pricing up front.  We believe the Armour Hide is the best top coat around and it has tested tougher than Cerakote, Durakote, KG Gun Coatings, Powder Coat, and other automotive finishes.  (of course, this is has not been officially tested by an independant facility, but based on years of our own in house testing).

Camo Dipping / Hydrographics

Located in beautiful Washington state, Our company offers custom Camo and Hydro Dipping services for just about any item. We specialize in Sporting goods, such as guns and bows, but experienced in electronics, automotive, jewelry, fishing rods and components, and also high volume and single requests projects.

We started hydrographic dipping in 2006 but we have had years of experience in the world of sporting goods, hunting and fishing.

Our initial company, BlackBear Pontoons, Inc. was established in 1997 and provided fisherman with high quality pontoon boats for fishing rivers and lakes. Soon after, we developed Rod-Blanks.com, supplying rod building blanks and components. Years later it is still running strong. We specialize in rod building supplies for rod builders all around the world. Because of this, it was only natural to start Northwest HydroPrint, being our third company, offering custom camouflage patterns on our customers products.

Custom Hydro Dipping

We wanted to add to our love of the outdoors by offering the first ever, camo fishing rod blanks. We value our clients and strive to offer the best in products and services. Because we have a very high quality control, you can assure that your products will exceed your expectations. We are willing to work with our clients to provide custom colors and designs for their products. We have 100’s of different designs available. Please let us know if we can help you in any way. Please call or email directly at [email protected]