Blend In The Winter

The season has been underway and hunters across the country have been bagging trophies, bringing home animals and enjoying the hunt. We are quickly approaching the winter season, where temperatures will drop steadily, the landscape will become covered with snow and the leaves are virtually gone. Blending in with the surroundings definitely becomes more difficult, but we have the patterns to help you camouflage nicely with the snow and winter environment.

Our camo and military patterns have various white and winter prints. They work with most color bases. If you are confused or unsure if the pattern will work, feel free to click on the images or give us a call. Most patterns can be customized by changing the base color to get a unique finish.

Hunting in the winter requires full attention to details. Firearms, calls, chairs and other accessories require some sort of camouflaging in order to have the best results on your hunt.