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What is Armour Hide?

Armour Hide is a very tough, scratch resistant clear coating that has been specially formulated by Northwest HydroPrint.

Armour Hide comes in High Gloss or Matte finish and is available only over custom paint or hydrographics.  It cannot be used over Cerakote or HydroGrip finishes.

Why get Armour Hide?

Armour Hide provides a greater than 9H hardness to protect your paint or graphics.  It is resistant to most chemicals as well.

What does it cost?

Armour Hide is only $25 more to  apply to your order.  Example: $25 per each gun stock, or $25 for each complete shotgun.


How do I order it?

You can order Armour Hide by checking the box on the order form HERE.  Then choose High Gloss or Flat (Matte) finish.