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Hydrographics Virtual Business Package  

Northwest HydroPrint is a name synonymous with high quality in the water transfer printing industry.  Northwest HydroPrint’s reputation is outstanding due to the years of hard work and growing the business using the newest of technology for the best quality product.  NWH has been providing top notch coatings since 2006, one of the first few companies in the United States to start in the Hydrographics business. Based in Washington state, Northwest HydroPrint receives work from all 50 states.   

At this time, the owners of Northwest HydroPrint have found new directions and interests and are looking to sell the Northwest HydroPrint business image.  

They are looking for either an established company that has their own equipment but wants to step up in the professional game of Hydrographics, or a new person wanting to break into this industry.  Whatever your need, we will customize this package to fit.

With very little advertising, Northwest HydroPrint generally brings in $5000 to $10,000 a month, with a 2 person staff.  This has been scaled down to minimize the workload for the past year. Past years revenue was up to triple those figures with a staff of 5-6 workers. Since 2006, Northwest HydroPrint has completed over 4600 jobs.

What is being offered:

  1. Northwest HydroPrint is a trademark and registered name
  2. Northwest HydroPrint logo(s)
  3. Northwest HydroPrint website, domain name(s) .
  4. All accounts associated with our suppliers and wholesalers
  5. Northwest HydroPrint Facebook page, currently over 9500 followers.
  6. Northwest HydroPrint full database of approx. 3600 customers, names, emails, addresses and phone numbers.
  7. Registered toll free number (877-780-CAMO) along with scripted professional voicemail messages created by voice over artist.
  8. Registered email list of over 1700 subscribers
  9. Northwest HydroPrint extensive gallery of thousands of images of coated items, marketing and logos
  10. Professional consultation and set up services provided by the owners at your location to get you up and going. 24 Years of cumulative knowledge of the water transfer printing, painting, marketing, resources, troubleshooting, simplifying processes and trade secrets from the owners.  Also, they will include any Troubleshooting after the training for designated period of time to insure keeping quality high and the Northwest HydroPrint reputation intact and thriving. We want you to succeed!
  11. can be a great addition to get the money flowing quickly.  Ask us about this option.

Northwest HydroPrint is offering this package at a price of $125,000.  

Owner financing may be available.

If you do not have your own equipment, let us help you get started with new purchases at below retail, as we have done for years.  Don’t pay full price.

Optional add on:

Physical inventory:

100’s of hydrographic patterns

Hydrographic dipping tank 1 meter wide

Carbon filter Paint booth


Access to our proprietary blend of HydroGrip soft-feel top coat as well as Armour Hide® super tough clear coat with a 9H hardness.

If you are interested in more information, please contact Scott Melton at 877-780-2266 ext. 1.  

Or email at [email protected]